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How does lempod work?

lempod works both for individuals and companies and can be used to become a thought leader or to promote your sales and hiring

Download the chrome extension and join a pod based on powerful filters such as: Location, interest, number of connexions etc...

Post on LinkedIn and then click on the chrome extension to choose from which pod you want engagement.

Relax and Enjoy - People from your pod will automatically like and comment which will ultimately result in an increase of your reach (between 5 to 10x factor)



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If you have any questions regarding our pricing or about how lempod works, make sure to have a look at our FAQ ❤️

How people benefit from lempod

lempod help us attract top talents

"Thanks to lempod, all our employees engage automatically on our posts on LinkedIn which results in a huge reach when we post job offers! Thanks to that, we were able to attract top talent to fuel our growth at Spendesk."

Jeremy Goillot
Head of Growth @ Spendesk

Put your LinkedIn posts on steroids

"I've been using lempod to promote my content on LinkedIn and the results were amazing! Thanks to the power of the lempod community, my posts got between 4 to 6 times more engagement!."

Vaibhav Sisinty
Marekting Manager at UBER


"My first post using lempod got me 10 times more engagement and reach that I usually get! Hghly recommend this tool for everyone who is serious about LinkedIn."

Marcel van der Meer
Global Sourcer - Founder of BARS

We get 3 times more leads with lempod

"lempod is an amazing tool to get more reach on LinkedIn! LinkedIn was already a great platform to generate leads but now that we're using lempod, the number of leads we get has tripled!"

Stapho Thienpont
Founder of TMF